Lauren B. Seward
Shining the Light on Your Brand's Brilliance

I believe that every business should be proud of their brand. I'm dedicated to sharing your brilliance with the world through innovative marketing strategies. I have a passion for helping entrepreneurs and organizations establish and share their brand.


I believe the role of marketing is to build brand awareness and trust. You begin doing both of these by getting clear about who you're designed to serve best and sharing your message with them in mind.


Your ideal client will not be scared away by what you share, they'll gravitate toward it. If someone is turned off by what you share, then they’re not the client you are designed to serve…and that’s ok!


So, be proud of what you have to offer and tell the world about it! If you need some help making that happen, I'm here with a goal-getter attitude and a knack for making vision reality. Contact me today.